OPINION | The Executive Order Six (6) and Its Consequencies – By Kingsley Onwubiko


Presidential executive orders are rules issued by the president to an executive branch of government.

President Buhari
President Buhari signing the executive order

These orders have full force of law, based on the authority derived from statute or the constitution itself. The ability to make such order is also based on express or implied acts of parliament that delegates to the president some degree of discretionary powers- delegated legislation.

Today we saw the presidency signing into law, the executive order six (6). This is a rule by the government that usurps the role of the judiciary and that of the legislature. Executive order 6 empowers the executive without the input of both the legislature and judiciary to seize assets of citizens who acquired such through alleged illegal means in our country.

kingsley onwubiko
Engr Kingsley Onwubiko addressing the people of Ezinihitte Mbaise

It therefore implies that the executive can wake up any morning and decide based on their own judgement that ‘Mr A’ acquired properties through illegal means and will immediately order for the seizure of such property or properties without any input from both the legislators and the judiciary.

If nothing is made to challenge the executive on this selfish act, then Nigerians should prepare for the un-expected once they or their businesses fall apart with the government.

Let our legislators arise and challenge the government through proper means to ensure that this impunity catalyst is not triggered in our system especially now that our country needs to unite together to fight the virus of incessant killings today.


Engr. Onwubiko K.C (MNSE, MEWRI)

Founder Ezinihitte Restoration Movement

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