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Love Nnamdi Kanu, But Love Yourself and The Igbo Race More – By Comrade Phils

By Comrade Phils

Nnamdi Kanu says Igbos will not vote in the 2019 elections.The elections has Peter Obi, one of Igbo’s finest sons and one of the few past governors without a single corruption case, who served and left visible legacies in Anambra as VP to Atiku.

obi atiku nnamdi kanu comrade phils
Atiku Adopts Peter Obi As Running Mate

Nnamdi Kanu fled Nigeria after his house was attacked by military men and several of his members were killed. Several others were in prisons across Nigeria and had no access to lawyers.

Nnamdi Kanu fled because he had the means to run. Assuming it was a full blown war, what would the over 10m Igbos in the South East had done while Nnamdi Kanu fled? Would Nnamdi Kanu had returned to address their corpses?

Now he is back after several months in hiding to tell them how to live their lives and what not to do.

Nnamdi Kanu has no job yet his feeding are met, legal fees are paid, wife and family live cozy from the donations made by thousands of Igbos for the Biafra struggle.

There were no funds provided by IPOB for its members that were standing trials across Nigeria. Some spent up to 8 months in detention.

No financial support has been paid to the families that lost their loved ones despite the huge sum donated for the struggle daily.

Nnamdi Kanu has not published the names of his members that were killed nor does he even have a comprehensive list of those who have been rendered incapacitated in the course of that struggle. No funds have been made available for their treatment despite millions been donated to Nnamdi Kanu for the Biafra cause.

Those who left behind wives and children, no plans are on ground on how to support the education of their kids.

Now compare IPOB with Shiites:

Over a thousand Shiites were killed in Kaduna by the military. Months later, the shiites published the names of everyone that was killed.

All shiites members in DSS custody are provided food and financial support by the group.

Those who need legal services have their legal fees paid for by the group. Every family that lost their lives for the Shiite cause receives a monthly support from the group.

Nnamdi Kanu only cares about himself. The Biafra cause he is championing is about Nnamdi Kanu and Nnamdi Kanu alone. Nnamdi Kanu is the treasurer and financial secretary of IPOB. Nnamdi Kanu is IPOB.

Is it always about what Nnamdi Kanu wants? What about what other members want?

The only hope Nnamdi Kanu gives to his members is the promise of freedom from Nigeria. The promise of freedom without a strategy to achieving it.

Even Mandela had a strategy and a leadership structure in place. The Civil Rights Movement in the US had a defined leadership structure and a defined strategy. That was why the death of people like Medger Evers and even Martin Lurther King Junior did not thwart their movement.

The Muslim Brotherhood under Minister Elijah Mohammed, Malcolm X had a strategy and leadership structure. That is why years after Malcom X and Elijah Mohammed’s deaths, people like Minister Luis Farrakhan are still speaking up for their cause.

You can love Nnamdi Kanu for his courage but you must not succumb to his self-serving foolishness. Nnamdi Kanu wants you to boycott elections and thereby keep Buhari in power for another four years yet he is requesting for a referendum.

Buhari has never considered even a seminar on restructuring let alone a referendum. A wise move will be to support a more liberal candidate like Atiku who will at least give hid to the yearnings of the igbos and prepare grounds for their ultimate demands.

But Nnamdi Kanu, the man who offers you a promise of freedom, says you should boycott the elections and by so doing keep Buhari, the man who killed your kins for just embarking on a peaceful protest in power for another four years. Nnamdi Kanu is saying that you should prepare to be killed and shot at for another four years. That is his wisdom!

You should be able to know when anyone has departed from wisdom and is leading you astray!

I say to you today: Love Nnamdi Kanu, but love yourself and the Igbo race more!

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