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LP Will Be Nigeria’s Main Opposition Party in 2024 – Peter Obi

Peter Obi Laments the Exits of Corporate Giants P&G, GSK, Others From Nigeria LP Will Be Nigeria's Main Opposition Party in 2024 - Peter Obi

The 2023 Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, has said that his party will assume the role of Nigeria’s main opposition party in 2024.

According to Obi, the Labour Party shall remain firmly in opposition and keep the APC on its toes to protect the interest of Nigerians.

Obi, in his New Year Message to Nigeria on Monday, said, “As Nigeria is the only country we have, deeply endowed but lacking good leadership over the years, we will continue to seek a new Nigeria that we know is possible.”

According to him, a new Nigeria is possible in spite of the numerous yet-to-be-fulfilled aspirations of citizens.

Expressing his heartfelt and warmest greetings to all Nigerians, Obi prayed to God to bless them richly and grant them their good heart desires in the new year and beyond.

Obi said: “The events of the past year are now part of our national history. As we trudge on, we remain mindful of the state of our nation and that our best hopes and aspirations remain largely unfulfilled.

“Peace and security continue to elude us with the rising level of bloodletting deeply troubling and sometimes beyond a war situation.

“A situation where hundreds of Nigerians are violently killed in December alone is deeply sad and unacceptable.

“While we pray for the repose of the souls departed, we demand that the Federal Government must do whatever is required to bring the perpetrators to justice and permanently stop a reoccurrence in any part of Nigeria.”

He noted that the nation’s economy needed a turnaround, considering the rising unemployment, inflation, poverty, inequality, and other key socioeconomic variables.

“Nigerians are now very aware and convinced that good governance, inclusive development, and accountable leadership expected in a functional democracy continue to elude us.

“But we must be consistent and resolute in our demand for the rule of law, regulatory quality, and government effectiveness for transformative solutions to a litany of our social problems.

“If there is one fundamental threat to our democracy, it is the undermining and weakening of our national institutions and the capture of state affairs and resources by few individuals and private interests.

“This must stop for Nigeria to move forward and function as an inclusive and sustainable society and nation,” Obi, a former two-term Anambra governor, said.

According to him, in a democratic and secular country like ours, there must be full respect for the separation of powers between the three independent arms of government, as well as between the federating units.

He said the National Assembly should devote time and commit itself to the diligent performance of its functions, like the 2024 budget, which required its prudent examination and subsequent patriotic-oriented approval or rejection.

Obi said the nation must work assiduously to avoid drifting to a one-party state or a situation where the Federal Government intervened unduly in the internal affairs of the states, particularly in circumstances where national security is not threatened.

He added, “We in the Labour Party have undertaken in the national interest and in our undying commitment to a New Nigeria that is possible, to remain firmly in opposition and, as such, must remain focused going forward.

“Our collective role in nation-building remains fundamental and obligatory,” Obi said.

He used the opportunity to thank all Nigerians who supported his campaign during the 2023 elections and voted for his party because of their belief in the quest for a New Nigeria.

Obi said the outcome of the 2023 presidential elections was contested and remained so, on record,” but the Courts of law have spoken; so be it.”

He said, “I wish to thank members of the Labour Party, the Obidient Family, friends and well-wishers of Nigeria for their loyalty, resilience, tenacity and commitment to true democracy.

“We will continue ongoing discussions and efforts for the Labour Party to adjust to our new role as Nigeria’s main opposition party.

“We will continue to constructively engage all Nigerians and our friends, who have now realised the vast implications of the road not taken; and the folly of national interest decisions predicated on sentiments and primordial interests.”

Obi said that Nigeria remained a God-given country and that the business of Nigeria was far too important to be left to those involved in transactional politics.

“I am involved in the struggle for a New Nigeria that is possible and works for all and will remain passionately committed to the crusade.

“I, therefore,  implore you all who strive for a New Nigeria to remain fully engaged, committed and resilient as it is and will be possible.”

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