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Denmark’s male footballers reject salary rise to secure equal pay for women

Denmark’s male footballers reject salary rise to secure equal pay for women

In a groundbreaking move, the Danish men’s national football team has declined a salary increase, opting instead to support their female counterparts in their fight for equal pay. The players’ union, FIFPRO, hailed the decision as a significant step towards promoting gender equality in Danish football.

According to FIFPRO spokesperson Magnus Hviid, the men’s team chose not to seek a salary hike, recognizing that any increase would only serve to widen the pay gap between the sexes. Instead, they are working towards creating a more level playing field by advocating for improved conditions and benefits for the women’s team.

Under the new agreement, the women’s team will now receive the same basic salary as their male counterparts, and they will also benefit from enhanced insurance coverage. While there is still a disparity in pay due to differing bonus structures for home and away matches, the men’s team has pledged to continue fighting for equal treatment.

The Danish Football Federation (DBU) and FIFPRO have agreed to expedite negotiations on a new contract for the women’s team after the summer break, with the goal of addressing remaining inequalities. This historic move is seen as a crucial step towards achieving parity in Danish football, and it may set a precedent for other countries to follow suit.

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