How Haitian President Jovenel Moise was Assassinated by Two Americans and Some Colombians

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Haitian President Jovenel Moise was shot dead at his residence late hours of Tuesday night by unknown gunmen worsening security situations in the country. Police investigations have unveiled the true identities of the assassins.

The emerging details revealed that the death of President, Jovenel Moise was well-planned and executed by a group of trained commandos consisting of two American citizens and retired members of the Colombian military.

Speaking to reporters, the Haitian Police Chief, Charles Leon said “foreigners came to our country to kill the president… there were … 26 Colombians, identified by their passports … and two Haitian Americans as well.”

Jovenel Moise REPORT AFRIQUE International

About seventeen (17) suspects were arrested by the police after they successfully overpowered the syndicate through prolonged gunfire exchange. According to the office of Prime Minister Claude Joseph, three of the suspects were killed by the police in the process whilst search is ongoing for the rest of the suspects.

Responding to the news, Colombia released a statement confirming the identities of the citizens involved in the assassination. The country’s Defense Minister, Diego Molano said the Colombians involved are retired military personnel. The Minister further assured of his country’s cooperation.

The sudden death of the President has however created a vacuum with a possible threat but the minister of elections and interparty relations, Mathias Pierre assured of a peaceful election and transfer of power.

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