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Joe Biden Confirmed 46th President of US

Joe Biden Confirmed 46th President of US US Elections: African Leaders felicitate with President-elect, Joe Biden

The US Congress, early Thursday, formally confirmed the election of Joe Biden as president, a day after a mob invaded the Capitol in a chaotic effort to avoid having President Donald Trump confirmed as the loser in the race.

The affirmation came after the House of Representatives and the Senate, in two separate votes in both chambers, overwhelmingly rejected efforts by some Republicans to object to the acceptance of Electoral College wins for Biden in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Biden hit 271 votes in the Electoral College, one more than needed for a White House victory, with acceptance of Vermont’s slate of electors.

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Biden’s Win: Trump Privately Accepts Defeat

Donald Trump has privately accepted he lost the presidency and has also acknowledge this to at least three persons, writes Politico.

“He knows Joe Biden will replace him. He recognizes Congress will formally certify the results on Wednesday.”

To one person, Trump even confided he was “just disappointed we lost.”

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