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Factual and verified reportage is guaranteed by the combined efforts of our reliable partners.

APO Group

APO group, Africa wire

APO Group is the leading pan-African communications and business consultancy providing turnkey solutions that empowers companies to grow their business on the African continent. Through their Africa Wire platform, we receive thousands of press releases and are in touch with over 350,000 journalists across the globe providing verified contents and contributing to a more transparent world through effective journalism.


OpinionDrive provides us with data that assist informed decisions in our reportage. Their data on election and governance in Africa help our political editors write factually about government policies in the region.

Visual Plus

Visual Plus provides us with premium media support in areas of audio visual reportage and archiving. Our visual work is made easier by the support we get from Visual Plus.

SmartCity Broadband Ltd

Smartcity broadband Ltd powers our connectivity to high speed internet at all our newsroom and for all our mobile studios. Our network is maintained on a secure and well-tailored fibre connectivity to make our work effortless and swift.

Do you want to partner with us? Send us an email at to know how we can work together to deliver factual and verified news reportage to Africa and the world.


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