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How to Find Instagram Target Audience

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Finding out who your target audience is and what content they find interesting is the first step in Instagram marketing. It lays the foundation for every other strategy and doing this step right is critical to growing your Instagram presence.

Here are 9 ways to find your target audience and create content that will keep them engaged

Define user personas on paper

To find the right audience on any platform, you need to first have an idea of what your ideal audience looks like. What age group do they belong to, what geographic locations do they live in, what are their interests, etc.

When you put this information on paper, you will manage to draw out a user persona; you will be able to define your ideal audience at least theoretically. Once you have this information, you will be able to tailor your content for this audience and use strategies, like hashtags, for example, to reach this audience organically.

Draw user insights from Instagram analytics

Finding out who has already been engaging with your Instagram posts is a great way to identify your ideal audience base. You can get this information through Instagram demographics.

If creating user personas from scratch is not a viable option, you should use the analytics information tracked by Instagram to find out what user groups are engaging with your content and then create user personas from this information. You will get vital data like user age, gender, geolocation, etc., through Instagram analytics.

Learn from your followers

Another great way to identify who your ideal target audience is is by studying your existing followers. Find out which of your followers engage with your posts, then navigate to their accounts and see what kind of posts they post, what hashtags they use, what lingo they follow, etc. You can use this information in your own posts to reach like-minded people on Instagram and build your ideal audience. If your followers engage most with videos on Instagram, use an Instagram video editor and start posting more videos.

You can also find out which brands these people follow to identify any competitors you may not be aware of, and then analyze their profiles to see what audience they are catering to. By mirroring their posting strategy, you can reach out to the same audience, who will be your ideal audience.

Talk to your followers via DMs

You can actually ask your followers what content they are interested in, and then create such content to engage similar people on Instagram to reach your target audience.

Many brands DM users to thank or congratulate them, it is a great way of creating a personal connection with followers, so you shouldn’t hesitate to directly message your followers.

A simple message like this will do:

Hi there! Thank you for being a part of our family here on Instagram. We appreciate the love! We’d like to hear from you about what content you find most interesting, so we can continue to keep you entertained! Your feedback will help us a good deal. Thanks!

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How To Find Instagram Target Audience 8

Research your competitors

If you have competitors who are doing well on Instagram, chances are, they have found the right audience to target, and the right posting strategy to keep them engaged. You can learn a lot just by analyzing the Instagram profile of your competitors.

First, find out who your competitors are. Head over to their accounts and select the ones that are doing well – who have a good number of followers and engagement on their posts.

All you have to do then is find which posts are getting the most engagement. Your content should be aligned to match these posts because when it does, you will grab the attention of your ideal target audience.

If they are creating videos and they are getting maximum engagement, then you have to create videos. If it doesn’t fit your budget, you can always use an online Instagram video editor to get things started.

Ask questions on your feed

If you’re not comfortable DMing followers to ask them about what content they find most useful, you can ask via your feed. This will only work well if you have a good number of followers already.

Asking your followers what content they are interested in seeing the brand post will give you a sense of what they expect and what they will engage with. When you align your content strategy to this, you will attract people similar to your current followers, who are your ideal target audience. If your audience prefers videos, you can have your marketing team use tools like an Instagram video editor and ramp up video posting.

Use the right hashtags

Hashtags can increase post reach by a great deal, but the key is in using the right hashtags. Most people follow the strategy of using hashtags that make sense for the post or the brand, but a better strategy is using hashtags that your potential audience may be using.

If you have done your research right, you already have a sense of who your ideal user is (at least a vague idea), and what their interests are. Search Instagram for posts that are similar to their interests and see what hashtags are being used in posts that have good engagement.

You can also look at the hashtags your followers are using, and the hashtags in posts your followers seem to engage with. This approach allows you to find hashtags that your target audience finds interesting.

Replicate what has worked in the past

When you’ve spent a good deal of time posting on Instagram, you will have enough data to judge what sort of posts work, and what don’t. What you think your target audience will enjoy may not actually be what they engage with.

If you’re looking to reach your target audience and grow, you will need to learn from what has worked in the past and replicate these strategies. Find out what type of content works the best, what genre gets the most interactions, etc., and replicate this style.

If you find that photos work the best for your niche, post more photos. If you find that videos engage our audience more, use an Instagram video editor and create videos in bulk.

How To Find Instagram Target Audience 9

Use social listening tools

Knowing what your audience is saying about you will not only help you understand how your brand is perceived, it will also help you understand if you’re targeting the right audience. Using social listening tools will help you track brand mentions and tell you what your audience is saying.

Another use of social listening tools is that they help you find what content is most relevant to your audience by analyzing what posts they engage with. Once you know what they like, you can go about targeting them and increasing your audience base.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today with over 500 million daily active users. This makes it a prime location for brands to build a community to build relationships and to market their products and services. These 9 tactics will help you build your Instagram presence and reach out to the right target audience. Remember, building a social media presence takes time, so be patient, follow these steps, and maintain consistency.

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