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Microsoft Confirms Closure of Africa Development Centre in Lagos, Nigeria

Microsoft announce reason for closure of Lagos office
Microsoft announce reason for closure of Lagos office

In a recent announcement, global tech giant Microsoft has officially confirmed the closure of its Africa Development Centre located in Lagos, Nigeria.

Despite rumours circulating about the reasons behind the closure, Microsoft asserts that it is part of normal organizational workforce adjustments and is not indicative of financial losses or the economic condition of the country.

A senior official at Microsoft clarified that the decision to close the Africa Development Centre will impact some of its employees based in Nigeria. However, the company remains committed to its operations in Nigeria and will continue to invest in key growth areas in the region.

Affected workers will receive their full salaries until June and will continue to be covered by health insurance, as Microsoft endeavors to mitigate the impact of the closure on its employees.

The Africa Development Centre was established by Microsoft in May 2019 with the mission of creating innovative technology solutions not only for Africa but also for the global market. The centre, which launched in March 2022, has been housed in a $70 million edifice in Ikoyi, Lagos, and has over 200 engineers, primarily Nigerians, working on cutting-edge digital solutions.

Despite the initial vision of contributing to the development of Microsoft products used by over 1 billion devices worldwide, the sudden closure of the Africa Development Centre has left many questioning its implications. Microsoft officials have attributed the closure to “organizational and workforce adjustments” without providing further details.

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