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Juliet Ibrahim Extends Invitation To Public On South Africa Birthday Get Away Trip

Actress and entrepreneur, Juliet Ibrahim is organizing a get away trip to South Africa on her birthday. 

The bubbly and fun-loving actress has extended an invitation to the public to join her & friends on the once in a lifetime opportunity and exciting life adventure. 
Ibrahim’s celebrity friends from Ghana & Nigeria will be a part of this fun trip to the country celebrated around the world for its amazing tourism centres. 

Between February 28th and March 6th this year, patrons will get to visit memorable spots in various towns in the Southern African country. 

juliet ibrahim south africa trip

The actress has partnered with credible travel agencies in Ghana and Nigeria including KAYA TOURS GHANA, Doscar Travel and Tours, SAFFRON TRAVELS NG, Pacific Tours Ghana, Akenn Travel and Tours, Fidol Trip and Travel Services, Diamonds and Pearls Travels, Apeiron Global, Nje Tours and Zeriah Travel and Tours to make the get away trip journey a smooth and easy experience. 

Juliet Ibrahim’s birthday get away is supported by SA Tourism_West Africa, Sun Times Square , South African Airways Ghana and the City Of Tshwane.

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