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Nigerian Dancer Korra Obidi Attacked with Knife and Acid in UK (VIDEO)

b 267143 REPORT AFRIQUE International Nigerian Dancer Korra Obidi Attacked with Knife and Acid in UK (VIDEO)

Nigerian dancer Anita Obidi, widely known as Korra Obidi, has become the victim of a shocking knife and acid attack while in the United Kingdom.

The horrifying incident unfolded during a live stream on Thursday, April 11, 2024, leaving Obidi in agonizing pain and distress.

In a video shared on her Facebook page, she can be heard screaming for help as she frantically washes her face with Coca-Cola, presumably in an attempt to alleviate the burning sensation caused by the acid attack. The footage also captured the arrival of two uniformed officers at the scene, who administered first aid to the wounded dancer.

Amidst her ordeal, Obidi reached out to the public for assistance in identifying and apprehending her attacker. Describing the assailant as a Black female standing at approximately five feet tall, Obidi underscored the severity of the assault and urged anyone with pertinent information to come forward.

The attack on Korra Obidi comes amidst a backdrop of online harassment and hateful comments directed towards her in the past. However, the physical violence she endured serves as a stark wake-up call to the dangers of such vitriol escalating into real-world harm.

As she was transported to the hospital in an ambulance, Obidi took to social media to share her harrowing experience and appeal for justice. The incident has sparked outrage and concern within the entertainment community, prompting calls for greater awareness and action to combat violence against women, both online and offline.

In the aftermath of this appalling attack, the focus now shifts to supporting Korra Obidi in her recovery and ensuring that justice is served for the perpetrator. The solidarity and support of the public will be crucial in bringing the assailant to justice and sending a clear message that such acts of violence will not be tolerated in any form or context.

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