how My friends and i were almost Raped in owerri – nollywood actress, prittican opens up

how My friends and i were almost Raped in owerri - nollywood actress, prittican opens up

Nollywood actress, Prittican Yakubu, has shared a harrowing account of her experiences in the entertainment industry, revealing that she was once almost raped by a producer in Owerri, Imo State.

According to Prittican, who is also known as Kogi First Daughter, her journey in Nollywood was marked by numerous challenges, including being subjected to sexual harassment and intimidation. She recalled that at the beginning of her career, she was not consistent due to her reluctance to compromise her values for movie roles.

However, after taking a moment to reflect on her situation, Prittican made the decision to return to the industry with a newfound determination. She relocated from Lagos to Abuja in pursuit of her acting dreams. Despite the fact that she was born and bred in Lagos, she took the challenge to relocate to achieve her goal.

The actress recounted a terrifying incident where she was nearly raped by a producer who had invited her and two friends to stay at his home for the night. His wife was away at the time, and he had promised them accommodation for a night as they awaited a call from a director for a job in Asaba.

However, things took a dark turn when the producer woke Prittican up at 3 am demanding sex, citing her menstruation as an excuse. When she refused, he asked one of her friends to join him instead. However, Prittican stood firm and refused to comply. Enraged by her refusal, the producer ejected them from his house in the middle of the night. The trio was forced to seek shelter in an abandoned building where they managed to escape detection by rough-looking boys who frequent the area.

Despite this traumatic experience, Prittican remains optimistic about her chances of success in Nollywood, believing that her talent will ultimately prevail. She emphasized that she is determined not to compromise her values or exchange her body for movie roles.

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