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Cholera outbreak in Rivers State leaves two dead, 16 survivors

Cholera outbreak in Rivers State leaves two dead, 16 survivors

Rivers State has been hit by a cholera outbreak, which has claimed the lives of two people and left 16 others affected. The incident occurred in three communities within the Andoni Local Government Area of the state.

According to the State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Adaeze Chidinma Oreh, the outbreak was recorded over a period of four weeks, with the first cases surfacing in late April. Speaking at a press conference in Port Harcourt, the health commissioner stated that all the cases were characterised by symptoms of acute watery diarrhoea.

Oreh emphasized that the state has taken swift action to contain the outbreak, with two samples testing positive for cholera through rapid diagnostic tests. The health commissioner also assured that there are currently no active cases of cholera in the state, but urged residents to maintain good hygiene practices to prevent further outbreaks.

The state government has also taken steps to pre-position commodities and build capacity among health personnel to respond to any future outbreaks. Additionally, community health education campaigns have been launched to promote safe hygiene practices and encourage residents to seek medical attention promptly if they exhibit symptoms of cholera or acute watery diarrhoea.

The infectious disease treatment centre at Rivers State University has also been prepared to manage any potential cases. The state government has pledged to support and contain priority diseases, including cholera, and is working closely with surveillance teams to monitor for any further cases.

The cholera outbreak serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining good hygiene practices, particularly in areas prone to water-borne illnesses. Residents are advised to wash their hands frequently, use clean water for drinking and cooking, and report any symptoms of illness to healthcare providers promptly.

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