FG Receives 103 Deportees from Turkey, Promises Support

103 Nigerians Deported from Turkey received by FG

The Federal Government has received 103 Nigerians deported from Turkey due to migration-related issues, including expired visas and irregular migration.

The National Commission for Refugees, Migrants, and Internally Displaced Persons (NCFRMI) announced the arrival of the deportees, all male, at a profiling ceremony in Abuja on Friday evening.

According to Alhaji Tijani Ahmed, the Federal Commissioner of NCFRMI, the deportees will undergo training and reintegration programs to assist their return to society.

The deportees alleged that Turkish authorities seized their passports and detained them in camps for months, with some claiming they were pressured to sign deportation documents under threat of prolonged detention.

The Federal Government has promised to support the returnees and follow up on allegations of mistreatment by Turkish authorities.

The returnees were given dignity kits, starter packs, and stipends to help them travel to their destinations.

The incident highlights the challenges faced by Nigerian migrants and the need for improved diplomatic efforts to address migration-related issues.

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