Fans Shutdown Harare as Ginimbi is Buried in 1.9 million Versace Casket

ginimbi buried in versace casket in harare, zimbabwe

Late flambouyant Zimbabwean socialite, Ginimbi Genius Kadungure, who died in a ghastly auto crash, on Sunday in Harare, has been buried amidst thousands of fans who attended the burial in Harare.

Ginimbi, who died with three of his friends – Moana Mitchelle, Alicia Adams and Limumba Karim- in his Rolls Royce Wrath vehicle, was buried in a Versace laced casket said to have been purchased a week before he died.

ginimbi versace casket
Ginimbi buried in Versace casket

Thousands of fans and well-wishers thronged his Domboshava mansion, over 30km north of Harare, to bid the influential businessman final farewell.

The town was visibly shutdown with the crowd who scrambled to catch a glimpse of the final events as the late socialite was laid to rest.

Fans Shutdown Harare as Ginimbi is Buried in 1.9 million Versace Casket
crowd gather at Ginimbi’s burial in Harare district.

His casket was said to be worth R1.9m and purchased a week before Ginimbi’s death causing rumours he probably knew he was going to die soon.

Only family and friends were allowed into the funeral service, among them socialites Pokello Nare, Prophet Passion Java, Roland Muchegwa aka Uncle Roland, Mike Chimombe, Albert Ndabambi known as Chief Albert and Tazvi Mhaka popularly known as Chief Joze.

Ginimbi was the group chief executive of Piko Trading which owns Rivonia Gases, City Centre Freight, Pioneer Gases and Quick Gases, with offices in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana.

The crowd defied government’s order for a maximum of 100 attendees for the burial.

Musical shows were banned at the funeral in a bid to contain the spread of Covid-19, which has claimed 255 lives in Zimbabwe, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said in a statement yesterday.

“To ensure a decent send off and burial, the Zimbabwe Republic Police implores the organisers of the funeral of the late Genius Kadungure to observe Covid-19 regulations, especially with regards to wearing of face masks, social distancing and the general maintenance of law and order,” he said.

“The organizers are reminded that under Covid-19 regulations, funerals are still restricted to not more than 100 people. Musical performances or concerts are prohibited. Mourners are, therefore, urged to observe the law for the safety of others and themselves.”

Paul Nyathi, Zimbabwe Police Spokesperson.

Moana Mitchelle Predicted Her Death

Ginimbi, Zimbabwean Socialite Dies in Auto Clash michiele moana alicia adams karim
Fitness Instructor Mimie Moana died along in the ill-fated Rolls Royce

Mitchelle Mona, fitness instructor who died along Ginimbi in his ill-fated rolls royce talked about her death before hand.

In a video posted on her Instagram account, she narrated nightmares that matched the circumstances of her deaths.

“I am terrified that I won’t make it. I am gasping for breath” she said in the video describing that circumstances that will later define her death in Ginimbi’s crashed car.

Model Alicia Adams Killed in ill-fated Crash involving Ginimbi

Beautiful model Alicia Adams also died in the crash involving genius Ginimbi.

alicia adams model that died with ginimbi
Alicia Adams

Malawian Limumba Karim Also Killed in Ginimbi’s crash

Limumba Karim Also Killed in Ginimbi's crash
Limumba Karim

Another victim of the crash was Ginimbi’s friend, Limumba, who escaped justice in Malawi over cases of corruption in the popular cashgate scandal, the biggest corruption scandal in Malawi’s history that took place in 2013.

He was declared wanted and the Malawian government demanded his extradition from his base in South Africa. The corruption case also involved the Malawian former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo.

ginimbi's casket

Limumba was facing charges alongside Mphwiyo and others, including civil servants such as former Accountant General David Kandoje, Auzius Kazombo Mwale, Clemence Mmadzi and Roosevelt Ndovi. The list of suspects also includes contractors.

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