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Controversy Brews as Abuja Chinese Supermarket Denies Entry to Nigerians

Abuja Chinese Supermarket Denies Entry to Nigerians

An Abuja-based Chinese supermarket has sparked controversy and faced criticism after implementing a policy that restricts entry exclusively to individuals of Chinese descent. Situated at the China General Chamber of Commerce along Umaru Musa Yar’Adua Road in the Federal Capital Territory, the supermarket has come under fire for denying Nigerians access to its facilities.

The discriminatory policy came to light through a video posted by X Daily, where an unidentified FCT resident expressed discontent about being denied entry into the supermarket. In the video, the resident voiced frustration over the discriminatory practice, questioning its legality and comparing it to the treatment of Chinese individuals in Nigeria.

The issue gained traction on social media platforms, with users expressing shock and disbelief at the discriminatory policy. Some users shared their personal experiences of being denied entry to the supermarket, further fueling public outrage.

A review on the chamber’s Google page echoed similar sentiments, condemning the discriminatory practice and describing it as “horrible and absurd.” The review highlighted the unfair treatment of Nigerians and expressed concern about the growing influence of Chinese businesses in Nigeria.

When approached by reporters to confirm the authenticity of the claims, security personnel at the supermarket gate confirmed the policy, stating that the management had implemented it at the beginning of the year without providing any reasons. Prospective shoppers who are not of Chinese descent are turned away at the gate, as directed by the management.

Despite the confirmation of the discriminatory policy, the reasons behind it remain unclear, with both security personnel and staff at the supermarket expressing ignorance about the rationale behind the decision. Attempts to obtain an official explanation from the general manager were unsuccessful, as security officers and staff refused to disclose contact information for fear of reprimand.

In response to the allegations, the Senior Public Relations Officer of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission refrained from offering comment, citing protocol that only allows the Executive Vice Chairman to address the press. However, he assured the public that an investigation into the matter would be conducted, requesting access to the video footage as part of the inquiry.

The discriminatory policy implemented by the Chinese supermarket has sparked widespread outrage and raised questions about the treatment of Nigerians by foreign businesses operating in the country. Many Nigerians have called for accountability and transparency from the supermarket management, demanding an end to discriminatory practices and equal treatment for all customers.

As the investigation unfolds, Nigerians await further developments and hope for a resolution that upholds their rights and ensures fair treatment in all aspects of commerce and business operations within the country.

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