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FCCPC Shuts Popular Abuja Supermarket Over Price Hike

FCCPC Shuts Popular Abuja Supermarket Over Price Hike

In line with President Bola Tinubu’s directive to address the ongoing food crisis, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has taken action by sealing off a prominent supermarket in the Area 11 Garki district of Abuja.

The Sahad Store Supermarket management stands accused of exploiting customers through deceptive pricing practices, charging amounts exceeding the official price tags displayed on their shelves.

Led by Acting Executive Vice Chairman Adamu Ahmed Abdullahi, the FCCPC enforcement team conducted a preliminary investigation, confirming the allegations of customer exploitation.

Addressing journalists, Abdullahi emphasized the importance of transparency in pricing, citing Section 115 (3) of the law, which prohibits consumers from being charged prices higher than those displayed.

He underscored the severity of the offense, stating that corporate entities found in violation could face fines up to 100 million naira, with directors liable to pay 10 million naira each or face imprisonment.

Despite invitations for the supermarket’s management to defend themselves, they failed to appear, sending a lawyer unfamiliar with the case instead.

The FCCPC boss clarified that the store would remain sealed until compliance measures are met, highlighting the government’s commitment to combatting hoarding and price manipulation amidst unprecedented food inflation.

This action follows a collaborative effort between the Federal Government and state governors to establish a committee dedicated to addressing issues of hoarding and ensuring the availability of essential commodities across the nation.

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