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Officers Involved in Extraction and Transfer of British-Nigerian Man, Andrew Amaechi Ochekwo, Detained

Officers Who Transferred Andrew Amaechi Ochekwo detained.

In a shocking development, activist Harrison Gwamnishu has announced that the officers involved in the extraction and transfer of Andrew Amaechi Ochekwo, a British-Nigerian man who has tragically passed away, have been detained.

According to Gwamnishu’s Facebook post, the officers were detained due to their involvement in the extraction and transfer of Ochekwo. The activist has also revealed that two individuals, Afiba and Celine, are still missing and that the identity of the decomposed body has yet to be confirmed.

Gwamnishu has promised to provide regular updates on the case as it progresses. In a statement, he emphasized that the officers involved in the extraction and transfer had to be detained and disarmed before he could release his findings in order to ensure the safety of his investigation team.

The exact circumstances surrounding the reason for their arrest is yet to be made public . Further information is expected to be released in the coming days as Gwamnishu continues to investigate the case.

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