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Students loan ploy to enslave Nigerian students with lifelong debt – ASUU

Students loan ploy to enslave Nigerian students with lifelong debt – ASUU

In a press conference held in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State capital, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Calabar Zone, voiced strong opposition to the Federal Government’s proposed Student Education Loan. Dr. Happiness Uduk, the Zonal Chairperson of ASUU, criticized the initiative, claiming it would trap Nigerian students in perpetual debt.

Dr. Uduk, along with eight other union chairpersons, expressed their disappointment, particularly highlighting the irony that those who had benefited from scholarships, meal subsidies, and bursary awards during their own education are now endorsing such policies. Uduk emphasized that the union would persist in its efforts to oppose these measures.

Rather than offering loans to students, Uduk suggested that the government should invest directly in higher education institutions. She argued that such investments would lead to significant improvements, enabling these institutions to become self-sustaining and providing more affordable tertiary education.

“It is distressing that individuals who received scholarships, enjoyed meal subsidies, and bursary awards are now the ones managing our economy. Their children study on scholarships at top foreign universities, yet after mismanaging our resources, they seek to impose a burdensome education loan on the children of taxpayers, condemning them to lifelong debt,” Uduk stated.

She further warned of the severe negative impacts of this scheme, including increased depression, suicide rates, and the loss of intellectual capital. ASUU firmly opposes the education loan idea and advocates for the allocation of funds to higher education institutions instead. This, they believe, would lead to a substantial improvement in the system, making higher education more accessible and affordable in Nigeria.

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