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CAC Sets new deadline for pOS agents registration

CAC Sets new deadline for pOS agents registration

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has announced a 60-day extension of the deadline for Point of Sales agents, super agents, and sole agents to register with the commission. The initial deadline of July 7th, 2024, has been pushed back to September 5th, 2024.

According to a statement issued by the commission’s management and published on its Facebook page on Saturday, the extension is aimed at giving sufficient time to operators, particularly those in remote areas who have faced network challenges, to complete their registration and continue their businesses uninterrupted.

The statement noted that the commission recognizes that some operators may have encountered difficulties in accessing the registration platform due to various reasons, including network issues in remote areas. The extension is intended to mitigate these challenges and ensure that all eligible operators can register and comply with the regulatory requirements.

The CAC has been emphasizing the importance of registration for fintech operators, also known as Point of Sales operators, citing the need to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and protect consumers’ interests. The commission has also encouraged operators to take advantage of the extended deadline to complete their registration and avoid any potential penalties or consequences.

With the new deadline set for September 5th, 2024, operators are advised to register with the commission as soon as possible to avoid any last-minute rush and ensure a smooth transition. The CAC has assured that it will continue to provide support and assistance to operators in completing their registration process.

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