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One killed, three injured as car washer test drives customer’s car in Lagos

One killed as car washer test drives customer’s car in Lagos

A car washer has been apprehended for causing a fatal accident while test-driving a customer’s vehicle in the Mushin area of Lagos. The incident resulted in the death of one pedestrian and left three others injured, who are currently receiving medical treatment, according to the police.

The owner of the Toyota Camry had left it at a car wash in the Olosha area, planning to collect it later. However, 25-year-old Olamide Quadri, a car washer at the facility, allegedly took the vehicle for a test drive without the owner’s permission after completing the wash.

Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Benjamin Hudenyin, reported that the Mushin Division received an urgent call on Sunday, June 2, around 8:20 p.m., regarding a serious accident on Agege Motor Road in Olosha. Responding swiftly, the Divisional Police Officer arrived at the scene to find a Toyota Camry that had somersaulted multiple times, hitting four pedestrians. The injured were rushed to the hospital, where one of them, identified as Tayo, succumbed to his injuries during treatment.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Quadri, the car washer, had taken the vehicle for an unauthorized test drive, leading to the accident. The vehicle involved in the crash has been recovered and moved to Alakara Police Station, while the deceased’s body has been taken to Mainland General Hospital mortuary for an autopsy. The police are currently working to contact the family of the deceased.

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