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Anxiety Grips Jos Community as hyena escapes Wildlife Park

Anxiety Grips Jos Community as hyena escapes Wildlife Park

Panic has set in among residents of Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State following the unexpected escape of a hyena from the Jos Wildlife Park on Sunday. The park, located in the Dong Community, has been thrown into chaos, with authorities scrambling to track down the wild animal.

According to Chuwang Pwajok, General Manager of the Plateau State Tourism Corporation, efforts are underway to locate the escaped hyena, which is believed to have wandered away from its enclosure. Pwajok assured residents that the animal is unlikely to stray far from its familiar surroundings, as it is not acclimatised to the environment.

“The team at the park has been working tirelessly to locate the hyena and coax it back into its enclosure,” Pwajok said. “We have informed the public of the situation and are doing our best to ensure there is no harm to people or other animals in the park.”

The general manager also addressed rumors that the hyena’s escape was due to hunger or starvation, dismissing these claims as unfounded. “The animals at the park are well-cared for, and we have received adequate resources for their feeding and maintenance,” he said.

The Jos Wildlife Park has faced challenges in the past, including a similar incident in 2015 when a lion escaped from its cage. However, following a review and rehabilitation program, the park is expected to undergo significant improvements soon.

In light of this latest development, authorities have urged residents to remain calm and not spread unverified information on social media. The Plateau State Tourism Corporation has assured that all hands are on deck to ensure a safe and successful recovery of the escaped hyena.

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