Lagos Student Emerges First Runner-up in ITGEN Robotics Competition

Lagos Student Emerges First Runner-up in ITGEN Robotics Competition

A student of Starfield College, Lagos, Mrs. Aduragbemi Sanyaolu, has won a prestigious award at the ITGEN Robotics Competition for SSS Students held over the weekend. The competition saw six high schools participate, with students given 40 minutes to design and build a robot that could address a social problem.

Sanyaolu’s project focused on the effects of bullying among secondary school students, a topic she chose due to the growing concern about bullying in schools. She emphasized the need for victims of bullying to speak out and seek help, as it can lead to loss of concentration and anxiety.

The competition was fierce, with students from Honeyland College, Baruwa Campus, Viscum College, Chessington College, Joen College, and Riverside College participating. The judges selected the top three projects based on their ability to identify and address challenges in high schools.

The winner of the Star Prize received a N200,000 check, while Sanyaolu took home a bedside refrigerator as the first runner-up. Stephanie Humphrey of Viscum College won a rechargeable fan as the second runner-up.

The ITGEN Robotics program is designed to inspire students who have an interest in technology and engineering. The program covers basic mechanics to advanced programming, giving students the skills to innovate and excel in the future of robotics.

In a congratulatory speech, Mrs. Sarah Oyinloye, Principal of Starfield College (Senior School), praised Sanyaolu for her determination and hard work. She urged other students to identify their talents and build on them.

The competition is part of ITGEN’s initiative to encourage creativity and skill building at all levels of education. The organization also organizes competitions for primary school students and teachers.

Sanyaolu’s achievement has inspired her schoolmates, who are now motivated to strive for excellence in their own endeavors. Her success story serves as a reminder that with dedication and perseverance, anything is possible.

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