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Kano Government Allocates N1.2 Billion Monthly to Tackle Water Scarcity

Kano Govt Allocates N1.2Bn Monthly to Tackle Water Scarcity

The Kano State Government has disclosed staggering expenditures amounting to approximately N1.2 billion per month to address water scarcity in the Kano metropolis. Ali Makoda, the state’s Commissioner for Water Resources, unveiled these figures during a press briefing held in Kano on Wednesday.

According to Makoda, the monthly expenditure breakdown comprises N400 million for diesel, N387 million for chemicals, and N280 million for electricity bills, among other ancillary costs. He emphasized the government’s commitment to resolving the prevailing water crisis in the state capital and surrounding areas, assuring residents that relief is imminent.

The commissioner attributed the water shortage to outdated equipment, particularly at the Tamburawa Water Treatment Plant, the primary water source for most parts of Kano metropolis. Additionally, he highlighted the impact of high temperatures, which drive up water consumption as residents seek relief from the scorching weather conditions.

Makoda expressed dismay over the neglect of the water sector during the previous administration, alleging that only 20% of the state’s water demand was met at that time. In contrast, he asserted that the current administration has significantly increased water supply, meeting over 60% of the population’s needs.

To address long-standing water supply challenges, the state government has embarked on strategic partnerships, including collaboration with the French government. Makoda disclosed plans to invest 63.4 million Euros in constructing the third Kano Water Treatment Plant, signaling a proactive approach to bolstering water infrastructure.

Governor Abba Yusuf’s administration has prioritized tackling water scarcity, allocating substantial financial resources to achieve this objective. Makoda reiterated the government’s unwavering commitment to ensuring adequate access to clean drinking water for residents of Kano.

The revelation of substantial monthly expenditures underscores the gravity of the water crisis and the government’s determination to implement effective solutions. Makoda’s statements reflect a sense of urgency and accountability in addressing the pressing needs of the populace.

In response to public concerns, the government has initiated various interventions to improve water supply reliability and quality. Efforts to modernize infrastructure and enhance operational efficiency are underway, signaling a proactive stance towards sustainable water management.

While challenges persist, the partnership with the French government represents a significant step towards expanding water treatment capacity and meeting growing demand. The planned investment in the third Kano Water Treatment Plant underscores the government’s long-term vision for ensuring water security and resilience.

Residents are encouraged to remain patient as the government continues to implement measures to alleviate water scarcity. Makoda’s assurances and the government’s proactive measures inspire confidence in the collective efforts to overcome this critical challenge and ensure a better future for all Kano residents.

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