Man beaten to death over missing phone, later found with accuser’s daughter

Man beaten to death over missing phone, later found with accuser’s daughter

In a shocking incident, a man has lost his life after being brutally beaten by a local security group in Delta State, allegedly over a missing phone. The tragic event has sparked outrage and raised concerns about the prevalence of jungle justice in the region.

According to sources, the victim was accused of stealing a phone by a member of the Anioma Security Watch group, who then mobilized his colleagues to inflict severe punishment on the accused. Unfortunately, the man succumbed to his injuries, and the perpetrators fled the scene.

However, a stunning twist has emerged: the phone was later found with the daughter of the woman who initially reported the theft. This development has added to the sense of injustice and highlighted the need for stricter measures to curb jungle justice.

The Delta State Police Command’s Public Relations Officer, SP Bright Edafe, has expressed concern over the incident and is urging an end to such extrajudicial killings. Edafe’s message is clear: “We must put an end to jungle justice and allow our laws to take their course.”

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of vigilantism and highlights the need for effective community policing. As investigations into the matter continue, residents are left to wonder how such tragic events can be prevented in the future.

In related news, researchers have defined jungle justice as a form of public extrajudicial killings where an alleged criminal is humiliated, beaten or summarily executed by a crowd or vigilante. The phenomenon has serious implications for human rights and law enforcement.

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