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Oyo private university student beaten to death

Oyo private university student beaten to death

An unidentified male student at Ajayi Crowther University in Oyo State has reportedly been beaten to death by fellow students inside the Shepherd Inn hostel on campus, allegedly for stealing a mobile phone.

According to reports, the victim’s assailants also forcibly shaved his hair after he was found with the stolen phone. A source within the school, speaking anonymously, revealed that the beating began at 6 pm on Friday and continued until about 10 am on Saturday, when the student succumbed to his injuries.

The incident took place at Shepherd Inn, which functions as a hostel. Videos shared with the correspondent showed the victim being beaten with sticks while lying on the hostel floor, with one recording capturing a student urging others to strike the victim harder.

The university administration confirmed the incident, stating that the students suspected of participating in the crime had been expelled and handed over to the police for prosecution. The university emphasized that there is no cultism on campus and that the institution maintains a zero-tolerance policy for antisocial behavior and misconduct. It was clarified that the expelled students were not affiliated with any cult group.

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