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Federal government contracts 50 firms to produce military weapons locally

FG contracts 50 firms to produce military weapons locally

The Federal Government announced on Thursday that Nigeria is set to begin local production of military weapons and equipment, following the recent signing of the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria Bill by President Bola Tinubu. Minister of Defence Muhammad Badaru revealed that the government has been in discussions with approximately 50 local and international companies about producing firearms domestically, with 13 of these firms already starting or preparing to start production.

Speaking at the Ministerial Sectoral Update in Abuja, Badaru highlighted significant progress in combating terrorism over the past year under President Tinubu’s administration. He mentioned that the new bill has facilitated discussions with over 50 private companies, both within and outside Nigeria, for the production of weapons and other military equipment. Thirteen of these companies have already initiated production or are about to start.

Badaru provided detailed statistics on the military’s recent successes, noting that 9,300 insurgents have been killed and 7,000 others arrested in the last year. He attributed these achievements to improved cooperation among the Service Chiefs. He emphasized that the Chief of Defence Staff, the Chief of Air Staff, the Chief of Naval Staff, and the Chief of Army Staff are working together more effectively than before, which has led to increased productivity and efficiency in military operations.

He also highlighted the close collaboration with the office of the National Security Adviser, the police, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), and other security agencies. This cooperation has led to the neutralization of over 9,300 bandits and insurgents, the arrest of about 7,000, and the rescue of 4,641 kidnapped victims in the past year. Additionally, the military has recovered 4,882 assorted weapons and 83,900 rounds of ammunition.

Badaru pointed out that among those neutralized were 20 high-ranking bandit and insurgent leaders. Furthermore, efforts to combat oil theft have resulted in the arrest of 1,437 suspects and the neutralization of 363 individuals involved in these illegal activities. The operations have also led to the dismantling of numerous illegal refineries and the seizure of substantial quantities of equipment used in oil theft, including 3,051 dug pits, 1,276 boats, and 3,924 storage tanks.

President Tinubu remains committed to ending insecurity in Nigeria, consistently pressing for decisive action. Badaru assured that with the current progress and community support, the country will see an end to this issue. Over 100,000 terrorists have surrendered, and more are expected to follow. Those who refuse to surrender will face continued military action.

Addressing ongoing attacks, Badaru noted that many occur in forested areas where militants use motorcycles to launch quick strikes before retreating. He assured that advanced technology is now being deployed to detect and neutralize such threats preemptively. The introduction of technology to monitor and counter these attacks is expected to lead to even greater success in the coming year.

Additionally, President Tinubu has approved the recruitment of more military personnel and the full deployment of advanced technology to combat insurgency. This will enhance the military’s ability to address security challenges and end the insurgency effectively.

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