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NDLEA Exposes New Scam tactics Targeting Families Of Nigerians Living Abroad

NDLEA Exposes New Scam tactics Targeting Families Of Nigerians Living Abroad

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has warned members of the public to remain vigilant against the activities of fraudsters posing as their officers, as they attempt to defraud unsuspecting individuals.

According to a statement released on Saturday by the NDLEA’s spokesman, Femi Babafemi, these scammers typically contact individuals, claiming that their relatives have been arrested at Nigerian airports for carrying illicit drugs. The scammers then demand large sums of money to facilitate the release of the purportedly arrested individuals.

Babafemi explained that the modus operandi of these fraudsters involves inducing panic among family members by falsely claiming that their relatives are in custody and in need of urgent financial assistance. In one recent incident, a Nigerian man based in the US was falsely implicated, with scammers circulating his photo along with an audio recording of a purported NDLEA officer negotiating a ransom of N5 million for his release.

However, investigations conducted by the NDLEA revealed that the incident was a scam, as no NDLEA officer was involved in the alleged conversation, and the individual whose photo was circulated was not in the agency’s custody.

The NDLEA spokesperson cautioned family members against falling victim to such scams and advised them not to part with their money. He also urged Nigerians with relatives abroad to refrain from discussing their travel plans openly to prevent criminal elements from exploiting such information for fraudulent activities.

In case of similar challenges or suspicions, the public was encouraged to seek help or clarification through the NDLEA’s official contact lines: +2347064670026 and +2348033326327.

This warning comes amidst an increase in fraudulent activities targeting unsuspecting individuals, highlighting the importance of remaining vigilant and exercising caution when receiving unsolicited communications or requests for financial assistance.

As such, the NDLEA emphasized the need for cooperation and collaboration from the public in identifying and reporting fraudulent activities, thereby helping to safeguard individuals from falling victim to scams and ensuring the integrity of law enforcement efforts.

In light of these developments, the NDLEA reaffirmed its commitment to combating drug-related crimes and protecting the public from fraudulent schemes, urging citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities.

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