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Bandits Free 40 out of 150 Abductees in Niger State After Community Pays Over N16m in Ransom

Bandits Free 40 out of 150 Abductees in Niger State

In a dramatic turn of events, 40 out of the 150 residents of Kuchi community in Munya Local Government Area of Niger State have been freed from the clutches of their abductors. The freed hostages, mostly women and children, were released after the community negotiated a ransom with their captors.

According to sources, the community paid a total of N2 million and provided 12 Honda motorcycles to the bandits in exchange for their freedom. The motorcycles were valued at N1.2 million each, making it a significant sacrifice for the community.

The negotiation was a long and arduous process, with the bandits initially demanding N150 million for the release of the captives. The community, however, was able to negotiate a lower price, with the bandits eventually accepting N2 million for each group of 40 hostages.

The community is still waiting for the release of the remaining 110 hostages, with the bandits demanding another N2 million and six motorcycles before they will release the next batch. Negotiations are still ongoing between the community and the bandits.

The incident began three weeks ago when a large number of bandits invaded the Kuchi community, killing seven people including four security agents. The attackers looted shops, houses, and barns of farm produce, leaving behind a trail of destruction and chaos.

The community has been left without any security presence since the incident, with no government official or security agent visiting the area to assess the situation. The community has been left to fend for themselves, with many residents feeling abandoned and vulnerable.

The Niger State Government has been criticized for its lack of response to the incident, with no official statement or action being taken to address the situation. The Police Command has also been accused of failing to provide adequate security to the community.

As the situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the remaining hostages will be released and what measures will be taken to ensure that such incidents do not happen again in the future.

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