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Terrorists Issue Ultimatum to Families of Abducted Niger State Residents

Terrorists give deadline to families of abducted victims
Terrorists give deadline to families of abducted victims

Terrorists have given a deadline of June 15 to the families of those abducted in Niger State to pay a ransom of N150 million or risk losing five of the victims daily until the ransom is paid.

The terrorists abducted 30 people from Kakuru in Munya Local Government Area and 26 people from Adogo Mallam and Tunga Kawo communities in Shiroro Local Government Area on Sunday and Monday.

The victims’ families initially offered N60,000 per person, which was rejected by the terrorists. The community then raised the offer to N100,000 per person, but this was also rejected.

A source in the community stated that the terrorists claimed the offered amount was not enough to cover the cost of hiring guns and buying bullets.

The Chairman of Munya Local Government Area, Alhaji Aminu Najume, confirmed the latest abduction and ransom demand. Only two people were released to source for money for the release of their family members.

The community is in mourning, and there is no effort from the government or security agents to rescue the victims. The government is aware of the situation but has not taken any action.

The absence of security has left the community porous and vulnerable to further attacks.

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