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Nigerian Wrestlers Aim for Olympic Qualification in Egypt

Nigerian Wrestlers Aim for Olympic Qualification in Egypt
68kg WW – Blessing Oborududu (NGR) df. Priyanka Priyanka (UWW)
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68Kg Ww – Blessing Oborududu (Ngr) Df. Priyanka Priyanka (Uww)

The Nigerian wrestlers have embarked on a journey to Alexandria, Egypt, where they will compete in the African Championships and Olympic qualifiers. Departing from Ghana, the team is brimming with determination and optimism as they gear up for the rigorous competition ahead.

The tournament, which encompasses categories for U17, U20, and senior wrestlers, promises intense bouts of athleticism and skill. Scheduled to take place from March 18 to 20, the senior competition will serve as a crucial opportunity for athletes to showcase their prowess on the mat. Following closely on its heels, the Olympic qualifiers will commence from March 22 to 24, providing a platform for wrestlers to vie for coveted quota places for the Paris Games.

Leading the charge is the Nigerian Wrestling Federation’s Olympic team, comprising six female wrestlers and five male wrestlers, whose stellar performances at the African Games have positioned them as formidable contenders. With their sights set on Olympic qualification, these athletes are prepared to leave it all on the mat in pursuit of their Olympic dreams.

Notably, Odunayo Adekuoroye stands as the lone Nigerian wrestler who has secured qualification to the Olympic Games thus far, a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. However, she is joined by a cohort of determined teammates who are eager to follow in her footsteps and secure their own tickets to Paris.

Expressing his optimism for the team’s prospects, Dr. Daniel Igali, President of the Nigeria Wrestling Federation, lauded the athletes’ performance at the African Games and expressed confidence in their ability to excel at the upcoming championships and qualifiers. Despite facing challenges such as financial constraints, Igali remains steadfast in his belief that Nigerian wrestlers have the potential to clinch medals on the Olympic stage.

“My focus is on us getting to Alexandria, Egypt,” stated Igali. “While there have been challenges with funding, I am confident that the Nigeria Wrestling Federation will deliver commendable performances at the Olympic Games.”

The female contingent boasts a formidable lineup of athletes, including Mercy Genesis (50kg), Ogunsanya Christinah Tolulope (53kg), Idris Adijat Avorshai (55kg), and Adekuoroye Mercy Bolafunoluwa (59kg), among others. With their sights set on Olympic qualification, these athletes are poised to showcase their skills and vie for a place on the global stage.

On the male front, the team is led by Enozunomi Simon (57kg), Stephen Simon (65kg), Braverman Oyeinkeperemo (74kg), and Ashton Mutuwa (125kg), among others. These athletes embody the resilience and determination of Nigerian wrestling and are prepared to give their all in pursuit of Olympic glory.

Accompanying the athletes are a dedicated team of officials, including Victor Kodei, Akuh Purity, and Burutu Happiness, whose expertise and guidance will be instrumental in navigating the challenges of competition and ensuring the success of the Nigerian wrestling contingent.

As the Nigerian wrestling contingent sets its sights on the African Championships and Olympic qualifiers, the stage is set for a display of athleticism, determination, and passion. With their eyes firmly fixed on Olympic qualification, these athletes are poised to make their mark on the world stage and inspire a nation with their achievements on the mat.

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