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NNPC Reveals 9,000 Pipeline Vandalism In One Year

Oil and Gas Investments NNPC Announces Plans for Public Listing and Gas Utilization NNPC Reveals 9,000 Pipeline Vandalism In One Year FBI Sues top NNPC official for taking $2.1 million bribes to Assist Addax Petroleum escape $2.4 billion liability to Nigeria
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The Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPCL), Dr Mele Kyari, disclosed on Wednesday that the corporation had encountered a staggering 9,000 vandalism on its pipelines within the span of one year.

Speaking before the House of Representatives Special Committee on Oil Theft, led by Hon. Alhassan Ado-Doguwa, during an oversight function at the NNPCL headquarters in Abuja, Dr Kyari unveiled the grim statistics. He revealed, “From 2022 to date, we have deactivated 6,465 illegal refineries. We have also removed 4,876 illegal connections to pipelines out of 5,570 that we have discovered.”

Despite these efforts, Dr Kyari expressed uncertainty, stating that approximately a thousand connections remained untouched by the corporation’s operations.

He lamented the persistent challenge, saying, “Some of the scale of the infractions that we see is unbelievable; we are not able to deal with it. When you remove one connection, the next day in the same location, someone will replace it.”

Highlighting the pervasive nature of crude oil theft, Dr Kyari emphasized the involvement of various stakeholders, noting, “It is evident that crude oil theft is almost an end-to-end issue in Nigeria; it is apparent that everyone is involved.”

Addressing the security aspect, he underscored the NNPC’s efforts to combat pipeline vandals by coordinating with all security agencies and private security firms. He asserted, “No country surrenders the protection of such critical assets, which are our source of income, to non-state actors.”

In response, Hon. Alhassan Ado-Doguwa, Chairman of the Special Committee, expressed concern over the daily challenges faced in operating oil and gas pipelines in Nigeria. He highlighted the opacity and lack of transparency in regulatory activities, citing instances of undeclared liftings and hastily granted approvals to vessels involved in crude theft.

Ado-Doguwa underscored the magnitude of crude oil theft and pipeline vandalism in Nigeria, particularly within the Niger Delta region, calling for concerted efforts to address the issue.

The disclosure by the NNPC sheds light on the severity of the challenges confronting Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive measures to curb illegal activities and safeguard critical assets.

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