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Police arrest Terrorists Involved in Kaduna-Abuja Train attack

Police nabs Terrorists Involved in Kaduna-Abuja Train attack

In a significant crackdown on criminal activities along the Kaduna-Abuja road axis, the Nigeria Police Force has apprehended several suspects involved in various criminal acts, including the masterminds behind the attacks on Greenfield University and Southern Kaduna.

The Police Public Relations Officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, disclosed this during a parade of suspects at the Kaduna Police Command on Thursday. According to Adejobi, the arrests were made following meticulous efforts to bring the perpetrators of the heinous acts to justice.

Adejobi highlighted the proactive measures undertaken by the police, including the deployment of a helicopter to serve as an escort for trains along the route. This aerial support, coupled with ground troops from the armed forces and other security agencies, has significantly enhanced security along the corridor, thus safeguarding the lives and property of commuters and residents in adjoining communities.

The police operation yielded remarkable results, with the arrest of numerous suspects involved in armed robbery, kidnapping, murder, rape, cult-related crimes, and other criminal activities. Additionally, law enforcement agencies successfully recovered firearms, ammunition, stolen vehicles, harmful weapons, and ransom payments totaling N3,350,000.

Among the notable arrests was that of Ibrahim Abdullahi, also known as “MANDE,” the leader of a kidnapping syndicate terrorizing the Kaduna-Abuja highway. Abdullahi confessed to his involvement in various kidnapping incidents, including the attack on Greenfield University.

Another significant arrest was that of Adamu Abdulwahab, suspected of kidnapping Samaila Abdullahi. Police operatives recovered firearms and other exhibits during a well-coordinated operation at Abdulwahab’s residence.

Furthermore, the police apprehended Abubakar Umar, in possession of live ammunition concealed inside a stabilizer box, with intentions to deliver it to notorious bandits. Additionally, Adamu Shuaibu, a suspected bandit and gunrunner, was arrested, and an AK-47 rifle was recovered from his custody.

In a distressing incident at St. Raphael Catholic Church, Kamantan, one seminarian, Stephen Naaman, lost his life in an attack by suspected kidnappers. However, the police diligently pursued the case, leading to the arrest of Yakubu Saidu, the mastermind behind the kidnapping gang responsible for the tragic incident.

The series of arrests underscore the police’s commitment to combating criminal activities and ensuring the safety and security of citizens in Kaduna and its environs. The suspects will be prosecuted accordingly, and efforts will be intensified to root out criminal elements from the region.

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