Prankster Zfancy released after A week detention following disturbing ‘ritual prank video’

Prankster Zfancy released after A week detention

Zion Ubani aka Zfancy, a popular skit maker and prankster, has been released from police custody after being detained for a week.
ReportAfrique earlier reported that the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) arrested him on July 4 over a series of prank videos that went viral and were misinterpreted as real crimes.

Zfancy, whose real name is Zion Ubani, was taken into custody by the NPF’s cybercrime centre in Abuja. The videos in question included a fictional depiction of him performing rituals on a woman, which sparked widespread panic and caught the attention of the authorities.

However, an investigation by the police revealed that the video was staged as part of one of Zfancy’s pranks. Despite this, the skit maker was cautioned by the police to refrain from creating content that could incite public unrest or spread misinformation.

The release comes after a delegation from the Practitioners of Content Creation, Skit-Making and Influencers Guild of Nigeria (PCCSIGN) visited the police headquarters and secured his bail. Tokoni Peter Igoin, the special assistant to the president on ICT development and digital innovation, was part of the delegation.

While acknowledging that Zfancy’s creativity has the potential to inspire and entertain, the NPF emphasized the importance of responsible social media use and avoiding misinformation that could cause public disorder.

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