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Reps accuse minister of spending N20m on sanitary pads and N45m on New Year party

Reps accuse minister of spending N20m on sanitary pads

The House of Representatives has summoned the Minister of Women Affairs, Mrs. Uju Kennedy-Ohaneye, to explain alleged irregularities in the ministry’s expenditure. The minister is facing scrutiny over unauthorized spending, including N45 million for a New Year’s party, N20 million for sanitary pads, and N1.5 million for vehicle fuel.

The House Committee on Women Affairs, led by Rep Kafilat Ogbara, has been investigating the ministry’s activities following a petition from contractors who claim they have not received payment for their work despite being released funds. The committee has also raised concerns about the diversion of funds meant for contractor payments.

At the investigative hearing, the minister denied any wrongdoing and claimed that all approved contracts had been paid. However, the procurement officer contradicted her statement, confirming that contractors had not received payment. The Director of Finance and Administration acknowledged that only contracts that have been approved paid for.

The committee has ordered a halt to all 2024 contract processes in the Ministry of Women Affairs until the whereabouts of the missing funds are determined. The minister was also questioned about the appropriation of funds for the African First Lady’s mission.

The investigation is ongoing, and the committee aims to uncover the truth behind the alleged misappropriation and ensure accountability in the ministry’s financial dealings.

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