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Japa: school Owner bags WAEC and NECO fees, sells school and flies abroad

school owner bags WAEC,NECO fees, sells school, flies abroad

A school owner in Ibadan has reportedly absconded with WAEC and NECO exam fees paid by students, leaving them unregistered for their exams. Adejoke Lasisi, founder of Planet 3R, highlighted the incident on Facebook, revealing that some parents had even borrowed money to cover the fees, only to find out that their children were not registered.

Lasisi explained that the school owner sold his house and all his belongings to finance his move abroad, thereby disrupting the students’ academic plans. In her post, she said:

“Some people have no fear of God. Imagine collecting WAEC/NECO fees from all your students and using it to escape the country. Recently, in my area, a man who owns a school in Amuro, Egbeda LG, Ibadan, collected money for WAEC and NECO. Some parents even took loans to pay, only to find out he didn’t register the students for the exams.”

She added that the owner had sold everything he owned to fund his relocation, leaving the students stranded. “He has ruined these students’ futures for his selfish gain. Some might not be able to afford another exam next year,” she lamented.

When asked for the name of the school and the owner, Lasisi assured she would provide the details, confirming the incident occurred near her residence. She told, “Yes, it happened in my area here in Ibadan, not far from my workplace. It’s within walking distance. They even took the matter to Agidigbo.”

The incident has sparked outrage and frustration among the community. Several reactions to Lasisi’s post highlighted the community’s distress:

Sodiq Snusi commented, “God saved one of my brothers from this.”
Ayidu Faith stated, “This is the height of wickedness.”
Fatimah Oluwatoyin Olokodana shared her experience, “This happened to me in 2017. Someone took my money and left the country. He thinks he will succeed over there. I don’t need to curse him.”
Adewale Lasisi added, “The experience was so painful. I had to wait for another form to come out. I cried so much.”

The community continues to deal with the aftermath of the school owner’s deceitful actions.

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