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PRESS RELEASE: Seahorse Refutes Allegations of Substandard Products


The attention of SEAHORSE LUBRICANTS INDUSTRIES LTD has been drawn to a spurious story aired on NTA and Galaxy Televisions purporting that the company manufactures and markets substandard products.

We deny this unfounded and baseless allegation and refute the story in its entirety, as our company, since inception has maintained high standards of quality as confirmed by series of routine tests carried out on our products by the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON).

We have been issued SON’s MANCAP Certificates, which is the only approved means of certifying products qualities in Nigeria.

SEAHORSE dismisses the allegation as the handiwork of detractors, who have become intimidated by the looming presence and increasing demands of our quality products.

The true story is that one of the company’s warehouses in Lagos was invaded commando style by men who claimed to be officials of SON.

What is difficult to understand is why such invasion was neither preceded by a complaint nor by any quality test before rushing to the media the same day.

Why the haste to discredit SEAHORSE without investigation or subjecting the company’s products to necessary and appropriate tests?

Whose interests were served by this ominous haste to smear the integrity of a company that has been duly and routinely certified by SON?

SEAHORSE is a multi billion Naira lubricants and allied products plant in Ozubulu, Anambra State, and the company’s products are routinely checked and tested by SON, and till date, our products qualities have not been faulted or questioned.

Therefore we ask, on whose authority and by what tests were the company’s products adjudged substandard?

Who and what reasons were behind the invasion of our warehouse and the subsequent charade on National Televisions and various newspapers.

We respect SON and appreciate its commitment to quality and safety but a situation where its officials work at crossroads with the organization’s laid down procedures becomes confusing and suspicious.

We cannot reconcile the invasion of our warehouse and the hasty media trial and conviction on television with SON’s recent routine tests on our products and its certification of our products high standards.

We ask our numerous customers to disregard this attempt by detractors to smear the impeccable reputation of our company and its products.

SEAHORSE will continue to be driven by a strong commitment to exceed the expectations of its patrons, by producing excellent products branded by high quality.


HRM Chief Ebuka Onunkwo.
For: Management.

This Article is Fact-Checked. See Policy.

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