#EndSARS Movement Launches Soro Soke Radio

soro soke radio endsars

The #Endsars campaign organizers have launched an online radio broadcast called “Soro Soke Radio” to provide updates on the ongoing protests against police brutality in Nigeria

The online radio, which is accessible via https://s4.radio.co/s99d55c85b/listen, has programmes and live reports of missing and found #EndSARS protesters, and other updates on the protests across the country..

The radio broadcast went live on Sunday and became a trending topic on Twitter the moment news of its launch filtered online.

Named after the slogan “Soro Soke” which is a Yoruba phrase that means “Speak Out,” the station’s official Twitter handle is @SoroSoke247 and says it will transmit round the clock to bring updates on the protests.

The protest organizers also launched the phone number 017001755 as an emergency line for the protests. For the users, these are the prompt numbers: Press 1 for medical. Press 2 for legal. Press 3 for food and supplies. Press 4, 5, or 6 for mental health emergencies.

A website www.endsars.com was also launched to tell the stories of victims of police brutality in Nigeria.

Nigerians are protesting against police brutality and bad governance.

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