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#EndSARS: 7 People Who Died From Police Brutality in Nigeria

Nigeria: Fresh Attack on Police Station in Cross River Kidnappers Allegedly Kill 4 Policemen at Checkpoint in Calabar Police Killing of Mother and Child Leads to Protest in Delta people killed by police brutality in Nigeria

As citizens’ demand an end to police brutality in Nigeria using the #EndSARS campaign goes viral, REPORT AFRIQUE takes a look at 7 persons who died from police brutality in the west African country in the past two years.

Below are a list of some of the victims of police brutality in Nigeria between 2019 to 2020:

Chibuike “Sleek” Ikeaguchi: Killed by a trigger-happy Policeman in Port Harcourt

Late chibuike daniel dominic ikeagwu onyeukwu murdered by police in rivers state elelenwo woji with reuben paul
Late Chibuike (Left)

21- year-old Chibuike “sleek” Daniel Ikeaguchi was gunned down on the 19th of September, 2020, in Elelenwo area of Port Harcourt after visiting a friend’s home.

Reuben, his friend, told REPORT AFRIQUE he had been extorted and the sum of N20,000 collected by the same team of special police a week earlier for having tattoos on his body.

On seeing the same team of policemen again, Chibuike and his friend, Reuben, ran in fear leading to a misconception by a nearby officer, stationed at a super market, who opened fire at both friends.

The bullets missed Reuben and hit Chibuike piercing through his kidneys. He died hours later after the police drove him around town in his pool of blood without any medical treatment.

Chima Ikwunado was Tortured to Death in Police Custody

Chima Ikwunado mechanic killed by police in rivers state
Late Chima Ikwunado

Chima Ikwunado, an auto mechanic, was tortured to death while in custody at the the E-crack unit attached to the Mile 1 police station in Diobu area of Port Harcourt, the Rivers state capital on December 23, 2019.

He had been arrested a week earlier and falsefully accused of armed robbery along with four of his colleagues. They were accused of stealing two cars that were later proved to have been given to them for repairs by two of their customers.

Chima and the other four victims were denied bail despite written statements by the owners of the cars confirming the cars were given to them for repairs and not stolen by the boys.

The erring officers are currently undergoing trial in the court Rivers state.

Sammani Zangon Marikita: Killed by Stray Bullet Fired by trigger-happy Policeman in Kano

Sammani Zangon Marikita
Late Sammani

Sammani Zangon Marikita, 22, had just returned from acquiring a degree in Computer Science from India to manage his father’s rice mill before he was shot dead by a policeman after a traffic argument in Kano, northwest of Nigeria on the 4th of December, 2019.

His father, Alhaji Sammanie told pressmen that his son was headed to settle some customers when his Toyota Matrix car was hit by an auto rickshaw rider resulting in a heated argument. His son had returned to his car when a nearby policeman stationed at a bank joined the argument and opened fire killing his son while still sited in his car.

Ogah Jumbo: Beaten to death by Police Traffic Warder in Abuja

Ogah Jumbo
Late Jumbo

Ogah Jumbo, 39, a Civil Defense officer was beaten to death by policemen on traffic duty after he took a single lane driving against the traffic in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city on the 20th of March, 2019.

Late Jumbo was killed in the presence of his wife and two kids. He slumped while he was beaten with batons by policemen at the Nyanya station in Abuja.

His wife, Ada told reporters the DPO of Nyanya police station had said her husband was pretending when he slumped and refused to call emergency medical services until he died.

Kolade Johnson: Killed by Stray Bullet during Police raid in Ogun State

kolade johnson
#Endsars: 7 People Who Died From Police Brutality In Nigeria 13

Kolade Johnson was killed by a stray bullet during a raid by anti-cultism police unit in Onipetesi, Lagos, Abeokuta road on Sunday March 31 2019.

Tina Ezekwe: Killed by a Drunk Police Officer on Duty in Lagos

Tina Ezekwe
Late Tina

Tina Ezekwe was shot dead by a drunk police officer who had an altercation with a commercial driver who had defaulted the Covid-19 “lockdown” curfew in Lagos on the 28th of May, 2020.

Her death caused an uproar on the social media leading to an online protest using #JusticeForTina.

Kazeem Tiyamiyu: Allegedly Killed by SARS Officers in Sagamu, Ogun state

Kazeem Tiyamiyu
Late Kazeem Tiyamiyu

21-year-old Remo Stars defender, Kazeem Tiyamiyu was allegedly murdered by men of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Sagumu, Ogun state on the 22nd of February, 2020. A claim the police later refuted, saying he had died from a hit and run accident.

Late Tiyamiyu was driving with his colleague when they were stopped by a team of special police in Sagamu on the suspicion he was a criminal. After Tiyamiyu tried to prove he was a footballer, an altercation ensued leading to his death by an oncoming vehicle.

His death ignited a protest in Sagamu leading to the death of three protesters.

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