Tapswap postpones token launch again, announces new date

Tapswap postpones token launch again, announces new date

Tapswap, a popular tap-to-earn application, has announced a delay in its token allocation event, originally set for July 1st. The platform, which has gained over 50 million users since its launch on February 15, 2024, has decided to reschedule the event to the third quarter of the year.

According to the Tapswap management, the decision was made to finalize discussions with tier-1 exchanges and refine their tokenomics and launch strategy. In a statement, the team acknowledged that the project’s growing popularity has attracted both scammers and industry leaders, leading to a need for a more detailed approach to ensure a fair and profitable launch.

The company emphasized that the delay is necessary to address the increased attention and scrutiny that comes with being a major player in the web3 industry. “As we’ve grown into one of the top-ranked projects globally, we’ve had to adapt our approach to ensure that our launch is fair and profitable for our community,” said a spokesperson.

Tapswap’s management assured users that the delay will ultimately benefit them, citing plans to allocate a significant portion of the tokens to the community. The company is still finalizing its token allocation method, but emphasizes the importance of including users in the process.

The app’s popularity can be attributed to its innovative concept of allowing users to mine coins by tapping an icon on the Telegram Tapswap bot. Despite the delay, Tapswap remains optimistic about its future, promising even bigger news about tier-1 partnerships and the token drop.

The company urges its users to remain patient and share their feedback on the upcoming launch. “We always value your support and truly listen to your feedback,” said a spokesperson. “Together, we’ll continue to reach new heights.”

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