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”My husband’s killers said they will Deal with me when they Leave prison” – widow laments

Widow Alleges Threats from Detained Husband's Murder
Mrs Christiana Onyebuchi Apugo Credit: Daily post

Christiana Onyebuchi Apugo, a 32-year-old widow from Umuawa Alaocha community in Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State, has come forward with alarming allegations against her late husband’s brother, Victor Orisara Apugo.

Mrs. Apugo claims that Victor, currently detained in the Nigerian Correctional Facility, has been threatening her safety if he is released from prison.

Daily Post reported that in an appeal addressed to the Abia State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Ikechukwu Uwanna, Mrs. Apugo expressed deep concern over the threats she has been receiving from Victor Apugo and other suspects implicated in her husband’s murder case. According to her, Victor and several others are standing trial for their alleged involvement in the brutal killing of her husband, Onyebuchi Orisara Apugo, on November 7, 2022.

The chilling incident unfolded when Onyebuchi was tied to a tree and fatally beaten by a group of individuals, allegedly at the instigation of his own brother, Victor Apugo. Mrs. Apugo recounted the harrowing experience of witnessing her husband’s murder, revealing that the assailants accused him of stealing a plantain. The attack occurred in the early hours of the morning while she was still pregnant, and the widow claims the perpetrators threatened her with violence if she dared to raise the alarm.

Following the incident, the suspects were apprehended by the Afugiri Police station and subsequently rearrested by the Zone 9 Police Command before being charged to court. However, Mrs. Apugo alleges that despite their incarceration, she and her child continue to face threats from the accused, who boast of retribution upon their potential release.

Seeking justice for her slain husband, Mrs. Apugo implored the Attorney General to investigate the alleged threats and ensure her safety. She expressed distress over rumors suggesting that the case against the suspects might be discharged on April 17, 2024. Fearing for her life, Mrs. Apugo fled with her infant son to her hometown of Okwelle, Imo State, citing hunger and imminent danger.

Confirming the gravity of the situation, Ikedinachi Moses, the traditional Prime Minister of Umuawa Alaocha, affirmed that the matter had been reported to the Palace of HRH, Eze Godswill Asomugha.

In response to the allegations, Attorney General Ikechukwu Uwanna refuted claims of instructing the discharge of the case and assured Mrs. Apugo of the government’s commitment to her protection. He emphasized Governor Alex Otti’s stance against witness intimidation and urged the widow, Mrs. Apugo to file a formal petition outlining her concerns.

Governor Otti‘s directive, according to Uwanna, underscores the importance of ensuring justice and safety for all citizens, as peace and development hinge on the fair administration of the law. The Attorney General pledged the state’s unwavering support in ensuring that justice prevails in this sensitive criminal case.

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