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Senator Onyekachi Nwebonyi Constructs 79 Bungalows for Widows and Indigent Residents, Disburses N40 Million Scholarship Funds

Senator donates 79 bungalows and N40 million in scholarships
Senator Nwebonyi Onyekachi

Senator Onyekachi Nwebonyi, the Deputy Chief Whip of the Senate representing Ebonyi North senatorial district, has handed over 79 bungalows to widows and indigent residents across the three local government areas of the senatorial district.

This significant gesture was disclosed during the disbursement ceremony of N40 million scholarship funds to indigent students of the district held at Mbeke Isheke in Ebonyi local government area of the state.

Senator Nwebonyi emphasized that the construction of the houses aimed to provide dignified shelter to widows and indigent individuals, many of whom were living in substandard housing conditions. He expressed his commitment to further constructing additional houses for widows, highlighting the importance of a conducive living environment in prolonging the lives of the beneficiaries.

Furthermore, Nwebonyi reiterated his dedication to investing in the education of indigent students to curb school dropouts within the senatorial zone. A total of 200 indigent students from the district benefited from the N40 million scholarship funds, allocated based on their respective fields of study. LLB law students received N150,000 each, medical students received N150,000 each, while postgraduate students were granted N200,000 each.

Addressing the audience, Nwebonyi emphasized the importance of utilizing the scholarship funds for their intended purpose, urging the students not to divert the funds as it would jeopardize their future. He also highlighted specific cases where the scholarship funds rescued students on the brink of dropping out due to accumulated unpaid school fees, demonstrating the tangible impact of the initiative.

During the ceremony, Ebonyi State Governor, Francis Nwifuru, lauded Senator Nwebonyi for his effective representation and philanthropic endeavors. He urged leaders at all levels to emulate Nwebonyi’s charitable dispositions and commitment to uplifting the lives of the less privileged in society.

The construction of 79 bungalows and the disbursement of N40 million scholarship funds mark significant milestones in Senator Onyekachi Nwebonyi’s efforts to address housing challenges and promote education within Ebonyi North senatorial district. By providing shelter to widows and indigent residents and investing in the education of indigent students, Nwebonyi continues to demonstrate exemplary leadership and dedication to the welfare of his constituents.

The beneficiaries of these initiatives expressed their profound gratitude to Nwebonyi for his unwavering support and generosity. They emphasized the transformative impact of the bungalows and scholarship funds on their lives, expressing optimism for a brighter future ahead.

In conclusion, Senator Onyekachi Nwebonyi’s commitment to improving the living standards and educational opportunities of the people of Ebonyi North senatorial district serves as a shining example of effective and compassionate leadership. As these initiatives continue to empower and uplift the community, they underscore the importance of proactive and people-centered governance in fostering sustainable development and social cohesion.

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