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American Citizen Attempts Suicide on Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos

American Citizen Attempts Suicide on Third Mainland Bridge
American Citizen Attempts Suicide on Third Mainland Bridge

An American citizen attempted to end his life on the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos on Monday afternoon, according to the Lagos State Police Command.

The man, reportedly in his early 30s, was driven to the bridge by his partner, commonly referred to as his “baby mama.” After asking her to stop the car, he walked to a spot on the bridge with the intention of jumping into the Lagoon.

A vigilant passerby noticed the man’s actions and swiftly alerted patrolling officers from the Rapid Response Squad (RRS). The operatives managed to persuade the man not to jump, thereby preventing a potential tragedy.

Following the intervention, the man was reunited with his family and taken to the RRS Headquarters in Alausa for counselling.

The RRS Commander has directed that the case be transferred to the Gender Department at the Lagos Police Command for further counselling and appropriate action.

This incident highlights the critical need for mental health awareness and support. Authorities urge anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts to seek help from trusted friends, family members, or mental health professionals.

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