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We Have started getting information about killers of soldiers in Aba – Governor Otti

We Have started getting information about killers of soldiers in Aba – Governor Otti

Abia State Governor, Alex Otti, announced that credible leads on the assailants behind the killing of five soldiers in Aba on May 30 are emerging. During a visit to the 144 Battalion in Osisioma, near Aba, Otti affirmed the state government’s commitment to apprehending those responsible for the crime.

Otti urged the military to ensure that innocent individuals detained in connection with the incident are not wrongfully punished. He suggested that those opposed to the state’s progress might be behind the attack and emphasized the importance of maintaining morale among the soldiers.

The Governor declared that all involved in the crime would be apprehended and announced scholarships for the children of the deceased soldiers, committing to support their families.

He acknowledged the progress made in securing the state over the past year and reassured the soldiers of continued state support. Otti also reiterated the need for a thorough investigation, cautioning against punishing innocent civilians. He revealed that while many suspects had been released, about nine or ten individuals remained under investigation.

Governor Otti emphasized the need for respectful treatment of civilians during investigations, highlighting that punishing the innocent alongside the guilty would be unjust. He expressed gratitude for the soldiers’ efforts in reducing crime and maintaining security in Abia State over the past year.

To further incentivize the capture of the criminals, Otti announced a bounty of 25 million Naira for information leading to their arrest and prosecution.

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