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Abia State Governor, Otti, Vows to Purge Lokpanta Cattle Market of Criminals, Ensure Safety for Genuine Traders

Gov Otti vows to get rid of criminals in Abia Cattle market
Gov Otti vows to get rid of criminals in Abia Cattle market

Governor Alex Otti of Abia State has reaffirmed the commitment of the State Government to eradicate criminal elements from the renowned Cattle Market at Lokpanta, Umunneochi Local Government Area.

During an impromptu visit to the market, Otti underscored the government’s determination to safeguard legitimate traders and transform the market into a non-residential zone.

Governor Otti’s visit to the market included an inspection of the ongoing perimeter fencing project, aimed at enhancing security. The market, previously plagued by violent crimes such as kidnapping, has been targeted for intervention by Operation Crush, a multi-agency security task force.

Expressing concern over the unsanitary conditions prevailing in the market, Otti urged traders to prioritize cleanliness, emphasizing the importance of maintaining hygienic standards to safeguard public health.

Furthermore, Otti reiterated the government’s stance against residential occupation within the market premises, emphasizing plans to relocate residents to alternative accommodations. He assured genuine traders of government protection while issuing a stern warning against criminal elements.

Acknowledging the cooperation of traders and their leaders, Otti extended gratitude for their support in realizing the government’s objectives for the market’s security and transformation.

In response, Alhaji Danladi, Chairman of Slaughter at the Cattle Market, expressed appreciation for the Governor’s visit and affirmed the traders’ commitment to collaborating with the government for the betterment of the market community.

Governor Otti’s visit signals a renewed effort by the Abia State Government to enhance security and foster a conducive environment for legitimate business activities at the Lokpanta Cattle Market.

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