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Mr. Ibu’s Shocking Scandal: N50 Million Recovered, Son and Lover Face Charges

Breaking: Veteran Nollywood actor, Mr. Ibu is dead Mr. Ibu's Shocking Scandal: N50 Million Recovered, Son and Lover Face Charges

Detectives at the Force Criminal Investigation Department Annex, Alagbion, Ikoyi, Lagos, have made a significant breakthrough in the case involving the hacked bank account of renowned Nollywood actor, Mr. John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu.

The investigation has revealed a complex web of conspiracy and financial malfeasance, leading to the arrest of Mr. Ibu’s son, Onyebuchi Okafor, and his lover, Jasmine Okekeagwu.

Mr. Ibu's Shocking Scandal: N50 Million Recovered, Son and Lover Face Charges
Ibu With His Adopted Daughter, Jasmine

The unraveling of this financial scandal began with a petition filed by Diamond Waves Law on behalf of Mr. Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris Okafor, on September 6, 2023. The petition alleged that Mr. Ibu’s sons, Daniel and Valentine Okafor, along with Jasmine Okekeagwu, conspired to defraud the actor. The subsequent investigations by the Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) revealed a shocking misuse of funds meant for Mr. Ibu’s medical bills.

According to ASP Mayegun Aminat, the spokesperson for the FCID, Mr. Ibu initiated a public fundraising campaign to support his medical expenses. The funds garnered from fans, industry players, and well-wishers were deposited into a dedicated bank account, managed initially by Mrs. Stella Maris Chinyere Okafor, Mr. Ibu’s wife. However, the investigation uncovered a sinister plot where Mr. Ibu’s sons and Jasmine Okekeagwu manipulated Mrs. Stella Maris Okafor to gain control of Mr. Ibu’s phone and subsequently hack into his banking details.

“Onyeabuchi Daniel Okafor and Jasmine Chioma Okekeagwu manipulated Mrs. Stella Maris Okafor, took possession of Mr. Ibu’s phone, and hacked into the banking details therein,” explained ASP Mayegun Aminat. “Through this fraudulent act, Onyeabuchi Okafor and Jasmine Okekeagwu started transferring funds from Mr. Ibu’s public fundraising account to Onyeabuchi Okafor’s personal bank.”

Forensic analysis revealed that a total of N55 million had been criminally transferred before the arrest of the suspects. Further investigation unearthed incriminating WhatsApp messages between Jasmine Chioma and Daniel Okafor, detailing the stages of their fraudulent plans. It was also discovered that the duo had a sham marriage at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry, with plans to escape to the United Kingdom with their ill-gotten gains.

The investigation concluded that N5 million of the stolen funds had already been spent on questionable transactions. However, the authorities successfully recovered the remaining N50 million from Onyeabuchi Okafor. Both suspects, Onyeabuchi Okafor and Jasmine Okekeagwu, now face charges of conspiracy and stealing.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the case has been forwarded to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for further evaluation. The Chief Magistrates Court 1, Yaba, has granted the defendants bail in the sum of N15 million each, with two sureties in like sum. The case is set to resume on March 11, 2024, shedding light on a disturbing episode that underscores the vulnerability of public figures’ financial dealings.

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