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Empowering Women: WIMBIZ Advocates for Inclusion in Leadership Roles

Empowering Women: WIMBIZ Advocates for Inclusion in Leadership Roles
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Empowering Women: Wimbiz Advocates For Inclusion In Leadership Roles 7

The Women in Management and Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ) has emphasized the importance of recognizing and empowering women in board and management roles. Hansatu Adegbite, the Executive Director of WIMBIZ, reiterated this stance during the celebration of International Women’s Day 2024, highlighting the theme “Inspire Inclusion.”

Adegbite emphasized that achieving true inclusion and equality in organizational decision-making processes is one of the core values of WIMBIZ. The theme for International Women’s Day 2024, “Inspire Inclusion,” seeks to raise awareness and appreciation for women’s contributions in creating a better world.

She noted that WIMBIZ has been championing the cause of women’s inclusion for the past 23 years, empowering women to attain leadership positions in business, management, and public service. Adegbite stressed the importance of inspiring women to embrace inclusion, empowering them to have a voice and make significant contributions to their respective sectors and industries.

Ngozi Anyaegbunam, a Non-Executive Director at Seven Up Bottling Company, echoed Adegbite’s sentiments, urging women to actively pursue leadership positions to foster inclusivity at management levels and in public service. She emphasized the need for women to demonstrate competence and effectiveness in their roles to strengthen the case for increased representation in decision-making positions.

Bisi Adeyemi, Chairman of WIMBIZ Board of Trustees, underscored the significance of the theme “Inspire Inclusion,” emphasizing the importance of showcasing women’s achievements and advocating for inclusion at all levels of decision-making and policy formation. She highlighted WIMBIZ’s commitment to inspiring women through mentorship programs and formal initiatives aimed at empowering younger women in their careers.

Participants at the event emphasized the importance of collaboration between corporate organizations, government, and society to address gender inequality effectively. They emphasized the need for deliberate efforts to set agendas, provide orientation, and raise awareness to promote gender equality and inclusivity in all sectors. They noted that significant progress can be achieved when both genders work together as a united force towards gender equality and inclusion in leadership roles.

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