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Nigerian Police Detain Doctor and Four Health Workers Over Missing Placenta in Kwara

Police officer Dismissed for Misusing Firearm, Killing man
Police officer Dismissed for Misusing Firearm, Killing man

The Nigeria Police Force, Kwara State Command, has confirmed the detention of five health workers following the “mysterious disappearance” of a newborn’s placenta and umbilical cord at Cottage Hospital in Illoffa, Oke-Ero Local Government Area.

The incident, which occurred last Sunday, has led to the arrest and interrogation of Dr. Ajibola, along with nurses Rukayat Adeloye, Aishat Awolusi, Peace Alabi, and ward attendant Toyin Adewunmi. They are currently being held in Ilorin.

The situation almost escalated as local youths, angered by the incident, were restrained by community elders from torching the hospital.

The baby’s mother, Mrs. C.B. Williams, an English teacher at Orofa High School in Odo-Owa, recounted her distress. She raised the alarm when the medical team failed to produce the placenta and umbilical cord post-delivery.

“Some staff started apologizing, claiming there was a mistake. The ward attendant said she had thrown the placenta into a pit but couldn’t find it, suggesting a dog might have eaten it. That’s when I, along with church members present, insisted they produce the placenta,” Williams said.

Mr. Rufus Sanya, Mrs. Williams’ father, expressed his suspicions of foul play. “How could an umbilical cord and placenta be missing when we all know the implications? I urge the police to thoroughly investigate and uncover the truth behind this disappearance for justice and our peace of mind,” he stated.

Ejire-Adeyemi Toun, spokesperson for the State Police Command, confirmed the development.

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