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Nigerian Army Retires 29 Generals from Infantry Corps

Nigerian army retires 29 Generals from infantry corps
Nigerian army retires 29 Generals from infantry corps

In a ceremony at the Jaji Military Cantonment in Kaduna State, the Nigerian Army bid farewell to 29 Generals of the Infantry Corps who retired from active military service.

Among the retirees were 19 Major Generals and 10 Brigadiers General, with Maj.-Gen. Victor Ezugwu speaking on their behalf.

Ezugwu emphasized the importance of maintaining and surpassing the achievements of the past, urging their successors to remain vigilant as the nation faces evolving threats.

He highlighted the need for strategic advancements, including enhancing night fighting capabilities and frontline intelligence gathering.

Furthermore, Ezugwu stressed the importance of leveraging modern technology and developing the leadership skills of junior commanders. As a gesture of support, the retirees donated books and encyclopedias to promote training and capacity development within the Infantry Corps.

Expressing gratitude for their service spanning between 30 to 38 years, Ezugwu described retirement as a natural phase in a military career. He thanked the Chief of Army Staff, Lt-Gen Taoreed Lagbaja, and the Commander Infantry Corps, Maj.-Gen. Olufemi Oluyede, for organizing the memorable pulling out parade.

The ceremony was attended by a large gathering of the infantry family, including veterans and community leaders, reflecting the widespread appreciation for the retirees’ dedication and sacrifice.

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