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Tinubu has assured oil production will resume in Ogoni — NYCOP

Tinubu assured oil production will resume in Ogoni - NYCOP

As discussions on the resumption of oil production in Ogoni land gain momentum, the coalition of youth groups, led by the National Youth Council of Ogoni People (NYCOP), has expressed support for President Bola Tinubu’s assurance that Ogoni oil wells will be operated by the Ogoni people themselves. This development aims to alleviate the longstanding hardships faced by the Ogoni community due to crude oil production issues.

NYCOP declared its endorsement of President Tinubu’s commitment to addressing the Ogoni people’s enduring struggles, particularly with the planned resumption of oil exploration in the region. The youth group highlighted that President Tinubu provided this commitment during a visit by an Ogoni delegation to him in Abuja, which they believe will offer lasting solutions to the Ogoni’s unresolved issues.

At a press conference held in Bori, Khana Local Government Area, NYCOP President Mr. Barinuazor Emmanuel emphasized that the delegation’s visit to the President was purely traditional, intentionally excluding state politicians to avoid politicizing the initiative. He stated that the conference aimed to “review the situation of the Ogoni people within the Nigerian Federation, considering current socio-economic and socio-political realities, and to mobilize support for economic revitalization in Ogoni.”

Emmanuel lamented the severe socio-economic decline in Ogoni land, attributing it to systematic repression, marginalization, neglect, and underdevelopment imposed by successive governments. He pointed to the leadership void created by the execution of Ogoni leaders, including Ken Saro Wiwa and eight others, by General Sani Abacha’s military regime.

Reflecting on the delegation’s visit to President Tinubu, Emmanuel noted, “It was one of the best because it was a purely traditional visit. We didn’t go with politicians because they have disappointed us in the past years. The delegation was focused on Ogoni people’s over 30-year request. Mr. President assured us that our oil will be operated by Ogoni people to alleviate the age-long suffering.”

He added, “Ogoni youths embrace President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s commitment to addressing the longstanding suffering of our people. We trust his message and plans for Ogoni’s economic rebirth, knowing his comprehensive understanding of the Ogoni struggle as a supporter in the NADECO Pro-Democratic movement.”

Emmanuel also called on royal fathers, political elites, and leaders to unite and confront the socio-political and socio-economic challenges facing Ogoni people. Chief Solomon Ndigbara, an Ogoni activist, reinforced this sentiment, emphasizing that the delegation’s visit to the Presidency was to advance the Ogoni message of liberation, not for personal gain. He urged the youth to remain calm and supportive.

Ex-Agitators leader in the Niger Delta, Mr. Nature Kieghe, advised Ogoni youths to unite for the success of their struggle and urged Ogoni leaders to heed the message of the traditional rulers who visited the President. “We have suffered so much, and this is the time to benefit from our struggle,” he said, calling for collective action to ensure progress in Ogoni land.

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